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So, it’s been 15 months since I left OR, and while I’m still contributing to the OR Fly Fishing Blog, and tried to launch a Great Lakes version, I’ve been missing the basic premise of a blog — which is essentially a daily conversation and record of observations. So, with David helping out, we launched one for its own sake, rather than for commercial or some other purpose. So, here’s a new place to collect and archive our Ohio outdoor experiences and photos. Hope you like it.

Ohio Outdoors and Wildlife.

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Some CVNP photos


Chippewa Creek

Stunning clarity

Fall leaves in water




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New paintings…

After a long hiatus due to a move and other insanity, I’ve dropped a couple new paintings. Acrylic and coffee grounds on boards, featuring two native Ohio fish. Redhorse sucker and the paddlefish. Hope you like’em.

Redhorse painting

Paddlefish Painting

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CVNP, Jaite 7am

It’s a jungle – the humidity is visible. I stop at a bend in the river, brown and swollen with all the summer rain. The Cuyahoga has jumped its banks a few times this summer now, the ground is saturated. Akron flooded July 10th and after a week of sweltering sun and humidity, the cool down brought more rain and the Cuyahoga ran over the streets. On the far bank, a heron grunts.


The river pushes back and forth against a log jam, a backeddy formed up around a flooded willow tree, water three feet up its trunk. Huge sycamores and walnut trees loom. Parasitic grape vines strangle the smaller understory trees. Some trees aren’t holding up to the wet ground, I notice a couple Northern Catalpa’s knocked over, big root wads standing up in the dirt. Non-native from the Mississippi Valley. Every sycamore seems to have dumped its bark. As I ride under the I-271 Bridge, I spotted my first green heron of the year as well as a duck I couldn’t identify. Amazing to find that kind of species diversity under eight lanes of highway connecting Akron to Cleveland.

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Middle Bass Island fishing trip

Back to Middle Bass!

The bite is off





Eye of a predator

Lake Erie clouds


Sheephead eye


2013-06-03 13.54.23-1

Ol' Moon Eyes

2013-06-03 11.09.57

2013-06-03 07.31.06

2013-06-03 07.30.51

Night heron

Middle Bass Island









At the ferry


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CVNP Swamp

White water lilies bloom, small pads that lay flat. The blooms close up at night. Purple and white clovers, crown vetch, fleabane and daisies all blooming. Garlic mustard sprouting up, a nasty invasive. In the swamp, we watch a redwing blackbird attack a blue heron. Duckweed taking over pond areas. Corn stands knee high.

The next day, after the Derecho blew through, the damselflies and dragonflies were everywhere. Ebony Jewelwinged Damselfly. Orange Bluet. Dot-tailed whiteface dragonfly. Snakes out basking.


Garlic mustard

Yellow water lily

Water lily

Orange Bluet

CVNP Swamp

Great blue heron


Water snakes



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Early summer on the Beaver Marsh

Huge rain. Muddy trails. Bugs rising up out of the earth, tiny things that cling to my eyeballs, suck up into my nostrils.

Spiny softshell turtles pile up on a far bank, couple hundred yards away from the trail. The view was hidden by the trees, but I caught a glimpse of them through a small clearing. They seemed bigger than painted turtles, flatter than snappers. Shy turtles.

Chipmunks barking on the trunks of trees, chirring at passersby, to each other. They ran all over the trails, always seemed to have their cheeks full.

The next day, dry and windy, cottonwoods blowing in drifts. Cardinals are everywhere. Crows creeping in the newly plowed fields.

Beaver Marsh

CVNP Swamp

CVNP Beaver Marsh

Tree swallows

Bull Frog


Lily pad


Blue Heron


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