Tabling for trout at the Eugene Celebration

Last weekend I ran a table for Trout Unlimited 678 at the Eugene Celebration. We managed to sign up a bunch of new members thanks to some free trial memberships from Mike Beagle.

Eugene Celebration 2007

It was also an excuse to take some out-of-town volunteers on a McKenzie River run — Blue River to Rennies Landing. FYI: This is probably a better run to do in the morning.

Running into the sun in low water, you wouldn’t see drops and rocks until you were right on top of them, just about swamping the drift boat. Lots of gray drakes and a few October Caddis coming off. We landed a bunch of stockers and I probably lost one giant wild fish.

We also managed to get a  bunch of signatures regarding our opposition to the WOPR. TU 678 Conservation Officer Karl Mueller wrote up the following statement regarding the Chapter’s pledge for ongoing efforts to defeat this devastating proposal.

What is the WOPR? The Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) is the BLM’s recent attempt to brush aside the protections afforded old-growth and riparian vegetation by the Northwest Forest Plan on 206 million acres of public land managed by the BLM in Western Oregon. This plan will increase average timber harvest on these lands from approximately 105 million board feet to over 705 million board feet of timber per year, representing an increase of almost 700%! The collaborative effort that resulted in the Northwest Forest Plan allowed for a harvest of 205 million board feet per year from these lands and set aside old-growth and riparian reserves. The WOPR will scrap these protections, converting 200 square miles of mature and old growth forest to monoculture tree farms.

The BLM admits the WOPR will harm salmon! At a time when Oregonians largely favor old-growth protection, the BLM has released a plan that will compromise salmon habitat, water quality and recreation values in favor of logging some of the last remnants of our once vast old-growth forest on public land!

A better way forward. TU 678 supports responsible timber harvest on previously logged public forestlands – many of which are now overgrown and in need of thinning. These forests can provide wood to local mills while actually improving conditions for fish and wildlife while keeping saws out of old-growth forests. No old growth is currently logged in the Siuslaw National Forest yet the forest turns out huge volumes of timber, salmon runs are improving. This is the way forward.


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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One Response to Tabling for trout at the Eugene Celebration

  1. Lauran Davidson says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just ran across you blog for the first time. I’m not much of a blogger, I’m afraid, but found yours pretty interesting. I was actually doing a search on fishing techniques for Whitefish in Oregon, so go figure!

    Live in East Springfield and have fished most of the western part of Oregon for the past 1000 years or so (more like 30). Some people call me the midnight cowboy, some call me the gangster of fish love.

    There are a lot of poetry related parables that come out when we fish and be outdoors. The parables don’t need to be related to any religious order or belief. Just need to be real and from the heart.

    Keep up your blog work. It’s worth reading and paying attention to. Lot’s of things are going on in this world that most of us don’t know or can’t keep up with. It’s nice to have a poet/scientist that is willing to keep up the good fight to help us through.



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