Top ten things I love about Eugene

It’s good to be home in Eugene, Oregon in October. After a couple weeks on the road, I’ve got a few days hiatus. Not exactly relaxing — I’m up against the gun on a few projects, but staying sane thanks to my favorite town. Here is the top ten things I love about Eugene:

 1. The town run! Check out tonight’s action — big wild cutthroat on top w/ a parachute Adams. Five minutes from home, wild fish, the chance for summer steelhead.

Nice Town-run Cutt

2. Sam Bond’s Garage — Monday night bingo, cheap beer, good food. Gnarly Whitaker neighborhood folk.

Sam Bond's Garage Eugene, OR

3. Emerald Photo Society: Went to my second meeting last night with the folks at the EPS. I submitted three photos in the print competition and won in two categories! Truth be told, the “photojournalism” only had one entrant. But I scored 65 points overall for my three images which was very respectable. This one scored a 24 (out of potential 27).

Mt. Howard Summit

4. Wayne’s Garage — absolutely the best mechanic in Eugene. I trust these guys 100%. I always feel like an idiot at the garage, but these guys made it painless. They fixed up my Honda and didn’t cash me out.

5. Spencers Butte — 1.5 miles and 800 feet up, free, five minutes from downtown.

Spencers Butte in January

6. Trout Unlimited Chapter 678 — Pretty much my entire social life revolves around this group. Here is TU 678 member Frenchy Laroux, scheming on how to best hook a sucker with his steelhead fly, earlier this evening.

Wild Bill Willamette

7. The Caddis Fly — Monster fly shop and local guide hub, five minutes from home, great staff and a good place to go talk shit on my lunch break.

8. Ninkasi Brewery — Bring back the dry oatmeal stout and you’ll be higher on the list.

9. Cafe Zenon — Best restaurant in Eugene, hands down. It’s the tried and true — underrated. I’ve never been disappointed by the food and the service is awesome. Never a wait. It got some shitty reviews in Trip Advisor, but don’t buy it.

10. Lane County Farmers Market — Fresh food, locally grown, organic and healthy. This thing is going on almost 9 months a year (including xmas market).

 I could go on, but I’m burnt out on “top tens” and it’s late. My arms hurt from catching all the fish.


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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4 Responses to Top ten things I love about Eugene

  1. manofwar says:

    So this top 10 list just makes me want to get out there ASAP so I can eat all that good food up.

  2. Bpaul says:

    You are in danger of revising my opinion of Eugene. It’s currently not so hot.

    It was a bad relationship see… so, my attitude about the city was severely tainted. Not the city’s fault really.

  3. Jeanne Deats says:

    Hi there,
    I am a newly retired Art Director from Southern California, and I am looking to retire in Eugene.
    I was doing some research when I came upon your
    blog. and just wanted to comment on how beautiful
    your photos are. I really was impressed and just wanted
    to say how much I enjoyed seeing them.

    Jeanne Deats

  4. Cindy says:

    I keep reading fantastic things about Eugene, and I feel like I’m being drawn there. I am from Virginia and currently live in Charleston, South Carolina (which I will never recommend to anyone, EVER! This place sucks!). I’m a little nervous about moving all the way across the country, but I want to live somewhere where the people are laid back, artists and other eccentric sorts abound, and true happiness is possible. Seems like I’m heading the right direction. Any suggestions on where in Eugene to live on a tight budget?

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