Central Oregon photo essay wrap-up

I could spend the rest of the week yapping about the Central Oregon roadtrip, but instead I’m just putting up a photo essay wrap-up.

Saturday night we stayed in the Shaniko Hotel in Shaniko, Oregon. Shaniko is a renovated ghost town with an old-timey hotel and a bunch of shops — and not much else. The nearest town is Antelope, Oregon which isn’t much bigger. Lots to look at and see in Shaniko and the food at the hotel is good. The only downside was that we didn’t sleep hardly a lick.

 A: KP and I are listening to The Shining on audio-book — Stephen King’s classic horror tale of a haunted hotel B: The Shaniko hotel is supposedly haunted. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a noisy ass ghost town.

After Shaniko, we did the John Day Fossil beds hike on the Clarno Unit — one of the prettiest places in Oregon. Then we headed out to the Painted Hills. I have no idea why the John Day Fossil Beds and Painted Hills are all considered the same National Monument (or at least show up on the same brochure), because they’re hours away from each other.

We took 242 to come home — it’s the first time we’ve ever been up there and have been actually able to see the mountains. Too cloudy most days.

Photo nerd stuff: I tried some tweaking with my camera to underexpose some of the shots. In some cases it worked, you get a deep blue on the sky and the rocks really pop. But at the same time, you lose detail in the darker parts of the picture. Something I’m going to have to figure out how to master.

FYI: I’m planning a photo safari soon for this region. None of this ghost town hotel, candlelight dinner stuff. I’m talking about winter time, sleeping in the car, waking up at Smith Rock at sunrise and doing a hike/photo shoot, spending the middle of the day on the John Day chasing steelhead, and then hitting the Painted Hills at sunset. ARE YOU WITH ME?!!

Shaniko, Oregon ghost town

Shaniko, Oregon ghost town

Shaniko, Oregon ghost town

Shaniko, Oregon ghost town

John Day Fossil Beds -- Clarno Unit

John Day Fossil Beds Clarno Unit

John Day Fossil Beds Clarno Unit

Painted Hills Oregon

Painted Hills, Oregon

Painted Hills, Oregon

Cascades Overlook

Cascades Overlook


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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One Response to Central Oregon photo essay wrap-up

  1. These are gorgeous photos! I am penning a story on Oregon Barns for Travel Oregon magazines and found these doing online research.

    Cornelia Seigneur

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