New lens for the Canon: EF70-300mm

Here’s to more bird nerd activity! I picked up my first telephoto lens today, a Canon EF70-300mm. I tried to get out to Fern Ridge Wildlife Refuge to take some shots, but the entire damn place is shut down in the fall. I can’t explain it, but it probably has something to do with bird breeding season. But they let hunters out there to blast the ducks 3 days a week, why can’t I get out there with my Canon?

 Funny anecdote: Somebody got a ticket last year for walking around at Fern Ridge out of season and they said they’d go to jail rather than pay the fine in a letter to the Register-Guard.

Luckily, the West Eugene Wetlands was a quick second option. Unfortunately, it was pretty dark when I got started on my bird safari, so I didn’t get much use out of the new lens. But you can see the image stabilization is pretty cool. I’ve got shots of flying geese — easily 200 yards away and in flight. Plus a couple dark bird shots. I’m sure I’ll have some better ones soon, when I have more time to set up good shots and better light. But the jury is stil out on whether the telephoto lens was worth it.

Geese on the wing


November Robin


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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One Response to New lens for the Canon: EF70-300mm

  1. Yo,
    Nice shot of the honkers. That is pretty amazing clarity for that kind of distance with the birds in motion. You should be able to get some sweet fishing pics with that thing! How has the steelie fishing been this year in Oregon?


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