Bird Nerdery: Golden-crowned sparrows flock suet feeder

I’ve gone on a bird nerdery rampage, stuffing my little apple tree with suet and finch feeders. I’ve knocked out a screen in the bathroom window so I can take pictures of the birds that show up, pulled down the bamboo to get a better line of vision on the birds. The next step is to buy a BB gun to take down the starling that’s found the stache.

 So far, the most interesting bird at the feeder is either the golden-crowned sparrow or yellow-rumped warbler (see photos). Based on my research in Birds of the Willamette Valley Region, I’m leaning toward the sparrow. But if you’ve got positive ID or another possibility, pass it on.

Backyard birds in Oregon

Backyard birds in Oregon

PS: Thanks for all of the advice on the landscaping/gardening so far. I picked up some shelling peas, onions and artichokes to plant ASAP — probably next week when I get back from Death Valley. And I kick started my vermiculture and compost regimens.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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4 Responses to Bird Nerdery: Golden-crowned sparrows flock suet feeder

  1. TMF says:

    That’s definitely the warbler. No question in my mind. The yellow crowned sparrow looks exactly like a white crowned sparrow only with a yellow crown.

  2. Bpaul says:

    Yep, warbler.

    Warblers have thinner, daintier beaks. Sparrows have thick “triangular” beaks… biggest, most salient difference between the two.

  3. Nstanz says:

    This is my nightmare….

  4. blulady says:

    What great shots! Those are beautiful birds!

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