Field & Stream editors hit new low, blow up my bullshit meter

It’s hard to imagine how, but the editors at Field & Stream have hit a new low.

In it’s “Heros & Villains” section (May 2008 issue, page 30), Thomas McIntyre named Paris Hilton a hero — and then had the gall to label Arnold Schwarzenegger a villain for the collapse of the salmon fishery in Califorina. This jackass actually implicated Schwarzenegger in the Klamath River Fish Kill — which Dick Cheney was directly responsible for. Call Schwarzenegger on whatever else you can come up with, but don’t bullshit American sportsmen with this.

Thomas McIntyre is an irresponsible, uninformed, hack. I’ve always thought that a publication with the influence and history of Field & Stream came with some sort of responsibility to at least try to be accurate… I guess not. It just really pisses me off — way out of proportion with the actual offense — because I liked this publication so much.

Luckily, my subscription ran out this issue, so I don’t have to demand to have it cancelled or whatever the usual self-righteous prick response is in this situation.

Sadly, I’ll miss back page columnist Bill Heavey (not in the way that the fan from this month’s column might, but still). He had a great column this issue, with booth babes, desperation, phony smiles on the Las Vegas Convention Center floor. A lot of us have been there and it’ll be sad not to read his stuff.

I guess I’ll just catch up with back issues when I’m getting new tires, or at the barber, or wherever else this magazine ends up when it’s done spiraling down the toilet.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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2 Responses to Field & Stream editors hit new low, blow up my bullshit meter

  1. David says:

    I hate Paris Hilton and Arnold. Paris for obvious reasons… I hate Arnold for putting Tookie Williams to death…

    But this Thomas McIntyre sounds like a douche. So I hate him too.

    Get at me soon man.

  2. Leonard Brown says:

    I am also a sportsman, and agree with you that Paris Hilton is less than a role model. I’m not sure what role the govrnor played in the Klamath kill thing, but sounds lke the editor of F&C should do more homework. I have to comment on your other comment… Hate’s an awfully strong word. I was taught not to use the word hate in reference unless I wished that person dead. Overly negative people corrupt society. Wasn’t Tookie Williams a murderer? I think the families of his victims should have gotten to decide if he lived or died. But if they decided death, they had to do it themselves. Goin’ fishin in Alaska in a month. Just had to brag. You can get Bill Heavey’s books at any chain bookstore. See Ya.

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