Oregon in crisis: Nalgene phasing out water bottles

This is bad. Nalgene, the company that made it cool for us to tell Pepsi and Coca Cola to take their bottled water and stick it where the sun don’t shine, just published a news release saying that they would be phasing out the ubiquitous plastic bottles on account of controversial carbonate plastic bisphenol-a (BPA). I’d heard rumors about this before, but had also heard that the amount of chemical offgasing from this material was negligable — and what are our plastic cups and disposable water bottles made out of anyway, polymerized wheat grass? I mean, it’s everywhere. That said, the news reports say animal testing studies are linking low doses of BPA to breast and prostate cancer, obesity and hyperactivity. But, who’s funding these stuides, Dasani? This is a big deal in Oregon where we are hyper-green sensitive (disposable drinking water? No way!), and also go for the outdoors look. People in NY carry yappy dogs in handbags, we attach Nalgenes to our backpacks. I’ve got three of these. Luckily KP has been drinking out of a stainless steel bottle for a few months. But how long till that kills us too?


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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5 Responses to Oregon in crisis: Nalgene phasing out water bottles

  1. Guy says:

    Life is a disease with a very bad prognosis, it lingers on for years and always ends in death.

  2. jfwells says:

    Luckily, Camelback makes a similar product that is (BPA) free, or you can go with the Sigg metal bottles. One of the big things to watch out for is Britta filters. They supposedly are made of the same plastic. Recently saw a beautiful ceramic water filter/dispenser that was spendy, but a nice replacement. Can’t remember the site off the top of my head. Most likely treehugger.com

  3. Alex says:

    I found this list of alternatives to Nalgene bottles at boston.com. Not bad at all, aside from them forcing you to page from one screen to the next.

    Ah, web publishing.

    I like the Sigg and Guyot options. The Camelback was listed there too. If you can fork for it, the Katahdin bottle, with filter, is cool…

    Man, I really, really hope two decades of drinking from these things doesn’t ace me. How frickin ironic that something closely associated hiking and filling a reusable container is unhealthy.

  4. Bpaul says:

    I use stainless now, you just do what you gotta do sometimes 🙂

  5. sigg says:

    Step up in style and quality from the plastic sippy cup. All SIGG bottles are tested 100-percent safe with NO leaching. All SIGG bottles are durable

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