Southern Oregon weekend extravaganza blows up my Civic

Last weekend we traveled down to Southern Oregon to visit with the folks at the Bauer Reel Company. I’m putting together a feature article and video profiling the company and its operations in Ashland, OR for the Oregon Fly Fishing blog. Bauer and crew pictured below.

Bauer Reel

Bauer Reel

In case you’re wondering, I have lost my mind with this video thing. You’d think that if you can take a decent photo and tell a decent story, you might be able to pick up a video camera and do something interesting with it. It’s not that simple. The learning curve is steep. I’m currently an iMovie noob, but getting better. Not that iMovie is going to cut it for long. But how much money do I want to spend? Not much. You’ll understand once you finish reading this post…

After spending a day with Bauer, KP and I spent some time in Ashland. We got last minute seats for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Midsummer Night’s Dream which was amazing. Fifth row back, center stage. Just to give you an idea of why this was so great, they did the entire play word for word, but the acting was so great, you knew exactly what was happening. I’m ashamed to admit it as an English major, I would never have been able to understand that play without the actors for context.

We tooled around Lithia Park for an afternoon, and the mandrone trees were in bloom. See photos below:

Lithia Park

Lithia Park

We spent three days at our usual Southern Oregon base, Valley of the Rogue State Park. It’s not the prettiest and definitely not the quietest place in Southern Oregon to camp, but I did catch a mammoth steelhead there once and we know what to expect. We stayed in our new car camping tent, a behemoth REI Hobitat 4. It’s great. Lots of ventiliation, room to stand up, room for gear. Katie loves it — as compared to the little 2 person Eureka we had been using the last few years.

We also checked out Jackson Wellsprings hot springswhich was well worth the $6 entry fee. We also hiked to the Sasquatch trap on Applegate Lake, on the Collings Mountain trail. There’s a great article in the Mail Tribune on Ron Olson, the guy who set up the bigfoot trap. I took some cool photos of the trap and some flowers, below:

Oregon Wildflowers

Oregon Wildflowers

Oregon Wildflowers

Sasquatch trap

Sasquatch trap

We also got to check out (illegally!) the view from the bottom of Lost Creek Dam, the uppermost dam on the Rogue River above the “Holy Water”, which seems like a bit of a misnomer for an artificial fishery below a giant dam. But I digress — the point is, the snowpack is melting like crazy and the Army Corps is pumping a ton of water out, everywhere. But it was especially dramatic here.

Rogue River

We tried to see the other extreme of the Rogue River and do a short day hike on the Wild and Scenic section on the way back home to Eugene, but luckily we noticed the thermostat on the Civic going bonkers, up and down. Long story short, I took it easy driving all the way home from the Wild Rogue to Eugene and blew a head gasket on the corner of 30th and I-5. Way to end the trip.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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2 Responses to Southern Oregon weekend extravaganza blows up my Civic

  1. David says:

    iMovie is weak. It’s made for soccer mom’s who want to put a video on the computer. Not much for editing. I’d say go buy an old PC and get Pinnacle Studio pro because it’s simple and you can do a lot with it. Or you could invest in Final Cut Studio. We’ll discuss when I’m out there.

    I’ll get you set straight.

  2. Burtbanner says:

    Looks like a fun trip (except for the car) The Bauer tour looks cool, can’t wait for the full feature release.

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