Northern Pike on the fly: The saga begins

I’m leaving tomorrow for the annual Northern Migration. I’ve been going to a lake in Northern Ontario for well over a decade with my family, and every year the fishing seems better than the one before. I missed the trip last year, due to the Alaskan Brown Bear hunting trip, so this year is going to be huge.

Pike are sentient, cruising the shallows, looking, skulking. They’re more like a dog that you have to fight off, hand to hand combat style. They are aware of you more so than other fish it seems. And Pike are big enough and aware enough to actually be fighting you — not the thing in its mouth. Pike bite the shit out of more people in our group, it’s the number one injury on these trips. I’m not saying they are trying to bite us, but I am saying that they don’t pass up the opportunity if you’re giving it to them. And number two injury? Treble hook to the soft flesh, thanks to a thrashing pike. Nothing gyrates like a 30 inch pike with 8-unencumbered hooks swinging from its beak. And god, they never stop when they get one in. If they land a hook, another head thrash is immediately forthcoming. Just digging in.

Some photos from the 05 and 06 trips:

Canada Fishing '05

Canada fishing

Canada fishing

Canada Fishing '05

Canada Fishing '05

I’ll be back on board June 9th. No fone, no internets. FYI: We’re doing a friendly virtual pike on the fly competition with Fishing Jones.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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One Response to Northern Pike on the fly: The saga begins

  1. Pete says:

    40″ is the size to beat, but those Canadian pike can bring it so I’m betting you top that.

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