Footwear challenges, town run steelhead

After spending the past couple years in NYC, my brother hasn’t acquired the proper footwear for Eugene, Oregon:

Spencer's Butte

Spencer's Butte

We spent the evening with Rob from Angler’s Book Supply on the Eugene town-run, fishing for steelhead. We tried swinging flies, but didn’t hook up. Rob got a nice one on a jig though:

Eugene Town-run steelhead

Eugene Town-run steelhead


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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6 Responses to Footwear challenges, town run steelhead

  1. SinCity says:

    Jesus H. Christ, what the hell happened to his foot?! for the love of god, get the boy some keens or some steeltoed something or other…

    good lord.

  2. onemuleteam says:

    See above comment for my thoughts on the matter.

    or even some $40 (+,-) New Balance . . . from the looks of it they’d be worth every penny.

  3. Tough Gnarl says:

    <<<< Shakes his head in disapproval.

    I see he’s wearing sandles…kinda like a hippy.

    Glad your all out there having fun, be safe kids, keep the porch light on!

  4. Had he done that back east, we could have dragged his foot off the transom to attract makos.

  5. michael says:

    good. god. that’s the worst athlete’s foot i’ve ever seen.

  6. bacontofry says:

    if i had a dollar for every time i saw double r like that with a bent rod, i’d have, like 578 bucks.

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