Palin = Republicans are idiots — Sorry Alex

So a buddy of mine has a tagline in his gmail chat box that read: Dems, quit calling Reps idiots, not helping. While I can understand the sentiment, I have to disagree. It’s like saying, “Journalists stop scrutinizing the Bush administration — he’s just going to do what he wants anyway.” Somebody has to say it, to get this party’s leadership to get its head out of its ass.

Republicans are idiots. But before you paint me out as a partisan hack, let me offer a brief backgrounder. I’m an independent. I voted for Dole in ’96. I voted democrat the past two elections — but doubt anybody will hold two votes against the Bush Disaster against me. I was excited about John McCain before the general election started — I finally thought we were looking at a no-lose situation.

Unfortunately, John McCain has completely derailed and taken the low road at every opportunity. His nomination of Sarah Palin to VP shows a total lack of judgement. He’s given in to the Republican fear that the GOP can’t win without the Religious Right and the culture wars.

Instead of picking someone who can help McCain craft a coherent strategy to deal with the economic fallout, environmental degredation, and foreign policy disaster our country is facing, he picks a Christian Zealot Hockey Mom. You’ve got Rudy Guliani chanting drill baby drill on a dying technology that makes us dependent on people who want to kill us, instead of encouraging people to invest, innovate and invent.

Bottom line — willful ignorance, fear mongering, xenophobia and authoritarianism are the hallmarks of the past eight years. They proved to be powerful tools to convince middle America to elect an messianic idiot. But we don’t have to go back to that well again.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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18 Responses to Palin = Republicans are idiots — Sorry Alex

  1. Brent says:


  2. moonshineandmatches says:


  3. Alex says:

    Matt, since you’ve called me out, I feel I should respond. I’ll cheat and post excerpts from the chat we had about your post. I’ll keep your replies out, naturally.

    I know a lot of Republicans.

    In fact, I’m related to a number of them.

    They are not idiots. Anything but.

    Democrats indicating as much on the stump, on TV
    and in writing are substantially damaging the Democratic campaign.

    Most of the country is not college-educated
    nor well-versed in the issues.

    They’re scared of the changing economy, the high cost of energy, educating their kids, dealing with healthcare, whether they can heat their homes & feed themselves.

    Anyone that talks down to them and condescends is not making it any easier to earn their votes, especially when Democratic politicians do it.

    These are the voters Obama couldn’t get in the primaries: white, high-school educated working class voters.

    AKA the backbone of America.

    You can’t get elected without ’em. Many of them are Republicans, regardless of whether you and I may see that as against their economic self interest.

    They are sensitive to being called out.

    If Republicans have different positions on foreign policy, energy, education, healthcare, etc., you have to respect that and present an alternative policy proposal and support it.

    That being said, if politicians or partisans are promulgating willful ignorance or intolerance, I have no issue calling ’em on it. I just don’t see where calling them idiots has any place in the discussion.

    My two cents.

  4. mstansberry says:

    Alex and I see eye to eye after a lengthy Google-chat 🙂

    But I’m saying the Reps can’t win on foreign policy, energy, education, healthcare, so they bring on God, Abortion, Guns, and Gay Marriage — tangential hotbutton issues that don’t have substance.

  5. Funtecchio says:

    I have also been disillusioned by the McCain camp. I was looking forward to having a difficult decision come November, but the things McCain has done in the past few months show me he’s not the candidate he was in 2000.

  6. Tough Gnarl says:

    I thing this sums it all up:

    check out the first track

  7. michael says:

    “But I’m saying the Reps can’t win on foreign policy, energy, education, healthcare, so they bring on God, Abortion, Guns, and Gay Marriage — tangential hotbutton issues that don’t have substance.”

    spot on, matt.

  8. Zerntz says:

    Oh yeah, they are idiots.

  9. Rebecca says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with mstansberry. Alex, though you can identify individual Republican voters, describe them, and perhaps empathize with them, that does not change the fact that they are effectively idiots. To be clear, when I say, “Republicans are idiots,” I don’t mean they took IQ tests and are literally categorized as idiots. I mean they are willfully refusing to base their decisions on facts. The Republican voters where I work, many of them educated enough to be engineers, and far from your description, have the following intellectual flaws: They are emotionally attached to their opinions, so much so they are fearful to let them go. They seem to believe that changing their minds in light of more information is a sign of weakness – that they are admitting they aren’t omniscient. They refuse to listen to any other views than their own. I tried for years to have enlightened comparisons of our views with them, and found that they are more interested in interrupting me and repeating something they heard on Rush and memorized rather than exchanging facts and drawing conclusions themselves. Additionally, they are often pro-life men – a position which reeks of arrogance, thoughtlessness and self-centeredness. Some of them also believe the earth is 6000 years old. There are fundamental flaws in the thinking of a person who decides on the basis of their favorite idea rather than makes their opinions based on the facts revealed to us in the world. Their outlook on the world and actions can be summed up in a single sentence. Republicans are idiots. Additionally, because they value knowledge and evidence so little, and respect those who are different from them so little, they are an embarrassment to America on the international scene. I am appalled that our educational system failed us so that people can learn math and computer programming, but have failed to learn other sciences, history, culture and general independent thinking. They are evidence that America is no longer number 1.

  10. germanized says:

    The Rag Box fully endorses your position on the matter of this post.

  11. G8rthanyou says:

    It’s all about ignorance. Republicans are chock full of it, it seems.
    Maybe it’s time for another civil war.

  12. Mike says:

    “Most of the country is not college-educated
    nor well-versed in the issues.”

    Which is probably the reason republicans win in the first place.

    This election is pretty simple. If you’re a Bible thumping fundamentalist, you’re going to vote the clear right wing vote anyway, and that’s Palin, the biggest joke to be placed on a presidential ballot in a long time. If you’re a beer drinking red neck that’s never been out of his own state let alone crossed an ocean, you probably fit this bill.

    Starts to kind of sound like the “you might be a redneck” jokes since redneck and Republican are pretty much interchangeable words.

    If you’re an educated person, you’ll cast your vote based on how much money you make. If you make more than $250,000 a year, you’re might be better to vote for McCain, but you’re probably still better off with Obama. If you make less than that, are not an advocate for “The King James Version is the ONLY version” camp, you’ll more than likely want to vote for Obama. If you’re dirt poor and vote for McCain, you really are an idiot Republican.

    Election season is a great time to start deciding on friendships. If you don’t want to be an idiot, make sure you surround yourself with Democrats, we actually find value in educating ourselves outside Fox Fiction (aka: Fox News).

    One last little bit of information: if we didn’t have parties and just voted for the person we liked, they would call it a “Democratic Election”. Just think about that for a moment.

  13. Thought says:

    Politics vs. High School

    The biggest guy in school that pushes the nerds and geeks into lockers, laughs at others to make himself look better, and forces others to be friends with him or face physical punishment.

    Grows up to become a cop at best, that way he can still push people around. Sometimes becomes a teacher, because a monkey can get a teaching degree and most schools will just make him a coach when they find out how much a loser he is.

    He’ll probably fight against sex education, but get a student knocked up about a week after her graduation. He’ll fight against doing drugs, but drink himself stupid on the weekends. And last but not least, he’ll do it all for the sake of God!

    This is America’s bully.

    This is the nerd or geek that got pushed into the locker, got spit at, made fun of or otherwise just got the crap beat out of him.

    After high school, this guy goes on to make a great deal of money by using his brain rather than his brawn. He’s not wealthy by any means, but he deserves what he got for working for it.

    This is the guy that let people be who they were even if they were different. Didn’t pick on someone because they believed in something different or had different clothes.

    This is the bullied American.

    There are so few in this country that actually benefit from Republican policies, why do we still vote for them? I’ll tell you: it’s ignorance.

  14. seth says:

    It may not help to recognize it or write it down, BUT I would bet $1,000 dollars that the average democrat has a higher IQ than the average republican. To paraphrase Mill, it is true that not all conservatives are stupid but it is true that most stupid people are conservative.

  15. Allan says:

    Who are the idiots now, Alex and oh yes, Seth the intellectual?

    Ever hear of CRA: Carter circa 1977( Do your research on your time please)
    Clinton amendments to CRA circa 1994 giving broader power to the Feds to force banks to loan money to people who had no business qualifying.
    Bush Proposed ammendments circa 2004 to restrict repackaging of aforementioned loans.

    Outrage expressed by Barney Frank ( the CS’er) and Maximine Waters over Bush’s attempt to get the fraud under control. Not to mention the media’s complicity.

    Barney Frank and his boyfriend who supervised Fannie May that Barney’s committee was responsible to regulate.
    Christopher Dodd and sweet heart loans from the very industry he is supposed to regulate including the sweet heart deals in Ireland.
    Maxine Waters and Barney implying conservatives are racists for wanting to “regulate” out of control lending.
    Obama and democratic controlled congress bailing out AIG who reciprocates by giving tax payer funded bonuses to executives through off shore bank accounts. Democratic controlled congress “acts” surprised and amazed and “cries” about how they want the money back.

    Only problem: It is not thier money. It is the peoples money. Not Braney Franks or Chistophr Dodd or Maxine Waters or AI fu^*^^%ing G’s money. It belongs to the people”

    Shallow, shallow, shallow democrats educated by communist professors and CNN, voting for a political machine because it is historic and they think it is cool. It will take a long time to repair this one.

    I have traveled in numerous countries and seen the sedition of CNN. Most of the people in other countries really believe that s#@*^ just like you do.

    Just for grins: Google this : Carter, Clinton, CRA, Dodd, Frank.


  16. KevinC says:

    Allan, You are an idiot (in keeping with the theme).

    HA. You’re blaming the economy on former president Carter?? (in part) I love that. Do some freaking research on foreclosure demographics and median income. This is NOT about the US having to bailout a bunch of poor people that shouldn’t have had loans in the first place.

    When I think of CRAZY left wing nuts, I think of a bunch of hippies living on a commune.
    When I think of CRAZY right wing nuts, I think of the KKK, Arin Nation and Abortion bombings. You are a lighter shade of the klan.

    The republican party is all about pushing their religious views on everyone else. Ten commandments, abortion, stem cell research, et al. Idiots!
    We’ve actually had a few big jumps in science in MONTHS, since Obama repealed some of the Bush executive orders. AND, how the hell does a CHRISTIAN call upwards of a million deaths collateral damage?

    They ignore the ‘slipper slope’ argument when it comes to the ten commands in school but let the possibility of the government invest in a public company and SOCIALIST!!!!

    Just for grins: Google this: Bush War Crimes

    Have you ever looked at the voting patterns on a US map. Weird how all of the blue is in cities and the red is in the bum-f*ck regions of the states. There’s a really good education/party affiliation break down for you.

    If I hear one more communist/socialist comment, I’m going on a tri-state killing spree. Thanks to the republicans, I’ve got an uzi with which to do it.

    One more thing, I assume you watch Faux News. So the whole Scott McClellan thing. He was just lying because he was pissed, right? Just making sh*t up for fun?

    I’m usually not the angry type, and yes a lot of mistakes have been made on both sides of the aisle. But the republican’s economic, foreign, and ethical, policies are all corrupt. The policies are built on hyperbola on top of hyperbola. ‘I’ believe this to be fact.

  17. Betty says:

    I am about 2 years late on this discussion, but I’m reading around on some dem vs rep discussions and had to comment on this one. 🙂

    I grew up in bum-f*ck Kansas, raised Christian, conservative and Red as could be. I got the hell out of there as fast as I could and moved to New York City. I am back in a rural area now for a few months, and so the comparison of city slicker snob Dems vs hard-working redneck Reps is a topic I have been musing on for quite some time.

    “But I’m saying the Reps can’t win on foreign policy, energy, education, healthcare, so they bring on God, Abortion, Guns, and Gay Marriage — tangential hotbutton issues that don’t have substance.” This is one of the best boiled-down observations I have come across. Love it.

    If anyone has not read the book ‘What’s the Matter With Kansas’ I urge you to do so. It is focused primarily on the political landscape of the Sunflower State, but the generalizations can be applied across quite a wide board. Having grown up inside the nucleus of the Christian right, I have witnessed first-hand the fear-mongering and anti-intellectualism. It is disgusting and sad to watch people who might otherwise be simple, hard-working country folk be manipulated by the scare tactics and heated, sermon-like propaganda bullshit of the far right.

    This is a pretty good analyzation of the psychology behind Dems and Reps’ ways of thinking:

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