Upstream in Oregon election endorsements

Just a quick rundown of my take on the Oregon elections.

On the national stage I have to endorse Obama and Merkley, no surprises there.

I love this man:

For Eugene Mayor — Kitty Piercy v. Jim Torrey? I’ll call that a toss up. Torrey is a conservative, pro-business, former mayor. Kitty Piercy is the incumbent, liberal. Neither has been a particularly effective leader and I think we’re in a lose-lose situation here. This city needs someone who can affect real change, someone who can outmaneuver the vocal factions that make change impossible.

Eugene needs the following initiatives, not half-baked, unfinished good ideas:
-Tools for removing agressive petty criminals from downtown that don’t infringe on the Constitution.
-Strong independent oversight on a politicized and surly Eugene police department.
-A plan for increased urban housing desnity and redevelopment of downtown real estate.
-Strong protections for green space within Eugene, and a plan to work with neighbor communities to limit urban sprawl.

Eugene measures:
20-145 -Yes. Fix the roads.
20-146 – Yes. Appoint a civilian review board to monitor police complaints.

School districts and Lane Community College levies — yes. If you don’t agree with funding public education you are an ignorant, selfish piece of human garbage and deserve the future you are creating.

State Measures:
Measure 54: Yes. Amend the Oregon constitution to drop the legal voting age in school board elections from 21 to 18. If you can vote for president you should be able to vote on the school board. Also, having separate ballots for those 18-20 seems like a waste of administrative resources.

Measure 55: Yes. Let legislators finish their terms in the district they were elected to, and not be assigned to a new district in re-districting.

Measure 56: Yes. Allow voters to decide tax measures, not non-voters.

Measure 57: Yes. Strengthen sentencing for property and drug crimes.

Measures 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 are from Bill Sizemore and other ballot measure hacks. Sizemore is a slimeball that makes a living introducing confusing ballot measures. He’s one corrupt right-wing lunatic. And even if I agree with the spirit of some of his meaures (like 61) I can’t validate his initiatives.

“Do you really want to cast your vote based on the impulses of an uninformed, self-aggrandizing ax-grinder?” asked Steve Novick in a great Oregonian column.

Lastly, I just have to say the Oregon election system is the greatest in the country.


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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2 Responses to Upstream in Oregon election endorsements

  1. onemuleteam says:

    I agree with these endorsements though I can’t vote on any of the Eugene stuff.

    I used to love the Oregon system and the vote by mail is sweet but I am getting pretty darn tired of being asked to amend the constitution every two years! There are far too many initiatives on a semi-annual basis and I believe that the system is being abused by a certain extent by wingnuts like Sizemore.

  2. Brooke says:

    I’m glad you posted this, not because I need someone else’s opinion to influence me, but I just haven’t heard much (except from the candidates) on the local elections.

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