My life in links: A peek into the mind of an online content spewing maniac

I’m running ragged, trying to keep up with an insatiable demand for online data center content, managing peoples’ daily ramblings on the fly fishing blog, riding the wave of popularity and activity suddenly affecting our Trout Unlimited Chapter, spending time with my wife KP (and managing OB-GYN appts and classes), and actually fishing. There was literally no way for me to keep up with this blog as an interesting and original outlet in addition. So I thought about doing my to-do lists on this site… like “Here are the five thousand things I’m working on today” and then posting the same 4,997 things the next day, plus six new ones. That didn’t seem very compelling.

Instead, I’m going to link up and barely-blog (or microblog?) stuff I’ve already done! So starting now, I’ll backlog about a week:

On the data center/day job front:
I wrote a big article about how all the data center industry groups are joining forces like Voltron to coerce the US Green Buildings Council to adopt a LEED green building certification for data centers. The USGBC has stayed away from LEED data centers for the past 5 years despite major industry demand, due to the fact that they represent such a small portion of the overall real estate market. But if you actually looked at this from an environmental “green” perspective, the data center footprint is huge. Each one of these buildings uses about as much energy as an entire residential neighborhood. Cynical take: The USGBC would be a lot quicker to adopt some LEED data center standards if HP, IBM and Sun decided to pony up the cash to become board members. How do you think the folks in the lighting/carpet/building materials industry got the standards written the way they wanted?

They also published my updated Chapter 2 of the 2008 eBook on Green Data Centers.

What you might not know is that in addition to writing, I also edit and assign a ton of articles. We publish way more information than people realize. Will I blog about all of these on this site? God, I hope not. But I just want to give you a taste of the firehose of information that is blasting through my mind, leaving it a drowned, hollow vessel.

Using flywheel power for data center UPS backup
TPC-E: New IT benchmarks for OLTP database servers
Linux in a data center consolidation strategy
Choosing the best server OS: Linux vs. Windows comparisons
Green Grid Postmortem: Successes and the work ahead
Using CICS dump table to manage problems in online systems
ITIL certification builds IT workers’ skills in economic downturn

That’s one week folks. Do I go over every one of these w/ a fine tooth comb for grammar? No.

Do I have to manage/massage writers? Post invoices? Track them through prodction? Work them into daily newsletters? Promote them through outside channels? Rework headlines and figure out SEO options? Juggle budgets? Yep.

Now what about the extracurriculars?
I spent yesterday morning w/ Matt Nenzanski, guest lecturing Professor Kyu Youm’s journalism students at the University of Oregon on how journalists use blogs, write blogs, differentiate blogs from news, etc. You can follow up on this discussion on these Tweets: Genesis, discussion, and follow up.

On the fly fishing blog, we’ve been publishing some good stuff, including some major conservation news, Rob Russell’s decade-late decline into Lady Amherst’s nuthouse, and Daughters’ winter steelhead rampage.

But the big enchilada is the TU annual fundraiser auction, which thanks to the blog and a lot of legwork from the crew, this auction has just blown the doors of all expectations for donations. By next week, our TU chapter will have the most money in its account it’s ever had. And now we have to figure out what we’re going to spend it on.

Enough for now. Hopefully more regular posts to follow, shorter. Headed to Santa Clara, Calif. tomorrow for two conferences: Data Center Pulse and Technology Convergence Conference. That’s right, I can’t even relax and cover just one conference on a business trip, I’m covering two.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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  1. Amy says:

    I’m so ready to quit my day job – you can hire me to be your virtual asst! 🙂

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