Dickie Jo’s Burgers in Eugene — prices out of whack

I just had dinner at Dickie Jo’s Burgers — a new fifties-style burger and shake joint in Eugene. While the food was good, the prices were a little out of whack. I ordered a cheeseburger with a few extras and subbed onion rings for fries, softdrink, and tip — wound up spending $14. You could get a gourmet burger and sides at King Estate cheaper. Plus, like many hole-in-the-wall style restaurants, the focus is on the food and patrons fend for themselves for seating and making it work. Packed house, no seating scheme, aging hippies and pimpled hipsters jockeying for seats — it’s not really worth dealing with that, but there are other opinions out there.


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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4 Responses to Dickie Jo’s Burgers in Eugene — prices out of whack

  1. r~ says:

    That is Chicago pricing! IMO the best burger in Eugene is the bacon cheese burger with smoked gouda from cornucopia.

  2. coyo7e says:

    Cornucopia is pretty overpriced as well – their new location is mediocre at best, mostly because the service can’t keep up with the customers, even a couple months after they’ve been open. My work is across the street from their new location and it’s just not that good, affordable, or efficiently served. When you come in and sit at the bar for 15 minutes before anyone asks if you want something…

  3. daNNie says:

    I love dickie jo’s…i was an In N’ Out fan, but then i tried dickie jo’s……. just taste it and convert:))

  4. mstansberry says:

    I probably need to do a new review here. While I wasn’t thrilled with my initial experience, I have been back too many times to count and assume they’re putting cocaine somewhere in the product.

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