Born on the Bayou: Gulf Coast wrap up

Exactly one year after the BP Deep Horizon oil spill, I sat on a boat in Louisiana fishing for redfish. Between Katrina, BP and the recession, New Orleans took a serious hit. The guides say bookings are down based on public perception, and restaurant owners in California got paid reparations because they couldn’t get shrimp, but a lot of sport fishing captains were left to swing in the breeze.


Some lodge owners made big money hosting oil spill clean up crews, right up until a few weeks ago. Venice Marina, just rebuilt after Katrina, was the main launching point. You can see our guide, Capt. Chris Callaway here in this video talking about the spill:

The guide for the first part of our trip — Dougie Fresh, didn’t earn any bonus points. See Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.

Cultural highlights included Eating at K Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, by far the best food I ate in New Orleans. Julian recognizing John Fogarty at dinner — where they made him wait an hour for a table. We asked our bartender when Paul Prudhomme “passed on”… turns out he’s still alive. We made the mistaken assumption he was dead based on the 20-year old photo of him too big to walk, riding a Rascal scooter. Good for him!


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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