Smith Family Book Store rocks

One of my favorite things about Eugene is the local used and independent book stores. Smith Family Book Store is my favorite. While the staff can be a little surly, and the aisles a little sloppy, you can’t beat the place on price or quantity.

July Pics

Even the Web presence is surly. They put up a site that looks like it was built in 1999, that links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble! You don’t like our site? Get the fuck out.

If you want perky high school girls who can rattle off which Sookie Stackhouse novels you’re missing, go to Borders… er not.

July Pics

I picked up Richard Wright’s Haiku collection. It starts a little weak, but gets better further in the book. Oddly enough, it was edited by a couple people from my Alma Mater, Kent State University and was published about the time I was rattling around old KSU’s English Dept. Also bought a couple of books of Poetry by David Lee, pig farmer poet. Highly recommended. Copper Canyon Press is amazing.


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Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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