Leaving Oregon painting

I painted this acrylic on canvass board and called it “Leaving Oregon”.

Leaving Oregon

The little whitish/purplish crosshatching is actually made up of slivers of a giant U.S. Atlas that Katie and I used on our cross country drive, moving out to Oregon in 2006 when we drove cross country in our Honda Civic, towing a U-Haul trailer over three mountain ranges. The hills are supposed to be the snowpack on the Three Sisters, melting down the Cascades into the McKenzie River Valley, where the roads take you in and out of Eugene, where the road splits into Rts 126 and 242 near the peak. If you could look close enough, each sliver has the name of a town in Oregon and its 2000 census population. I knew nearly every damn one of them.


About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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