Week by week on two watersheds: Rocky and Cuyahoga

Spring in Ohio continues, and I’m watching the progression of species closely for the first time in my life.

Beetle on a log

Seeing when the Dogwood tree blooms drop off, noting which wildflowers come up when, seeing spawning fish in the rivers. It’ll take a few years to build up an interesting record to gauge the timing of the seasons. The kinds of animals and plants I’m spotting now are totally different every time I go out.

Ohio Wildflowers

Ohio Wildflowers


Hermit Thrush

Ohio wildflowers

Elderberry Tree


In the Cuyahoga River Valley, bluegills are spawning. Lilacs and locust are blossoming. Iris and phlox are up, trout lily and trillium are gone. Turtles that were on every log just a couple weeks ago, are now gone — I’m guessing mating and building nests. Wood ducks have babies.


2013-04-29 18.23.25


Locust tree


On the Rocky River, water snakes are on the hunt. Carp and river chub are schooling up and spawning. Smallmouth bass are holing up on spawning beds, chasing after baby Canada Geese. Trying to figure out still what plants are native, what aren’t. Two non-natives are in bloom. Camas and Amur Honeysuckle.

River Chub


Bluegill Spawning




On Lake Erie, smallmouth bass are gearing up for spawning and walleye have started biting.





About mstansberry

Matt Stansberry currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife and son.
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