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McCain onboard for cap and trade, so where is Gordon Smith?

Well folks, the Post-Bush era of climate change policy has begun in the U.S. Senator John McCain in a speech in Portland yesterday addressed global warming, vowing to set limits on green house gas emissions and to implement a carbon … Continue reading

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Bizarre number of Oregon blog comments deny climate change?

My life is currently mired in the climate change debate. I just finished Elizabeth Kolbert’s Field Notes from a Catastrophe. I spent the last week in Washington DC lobbying Oregonian members of congress on the issue. And I’ve been blogging … Continue reading

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Global warming exists and is depressing as hell

In a previous post I talked about the uncertainties that make global warming a confusing issue. In this post, I’m going to quote a couple of Oregon experts that say it’s irrefutable and pretty much unstoppable in our current situation. … Continue reading

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Clear cut? The science of Global Warming in Oregon

Last weekend, Oregon State University professors came to Eugene to discuss the science of global warming and how climate change is impacted by forestry practices in the Pacific Northwest. The program was called “Clear cutting the climate”. Mark Harmon, Richardson … Continue reading

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Community-based economics books drive me to goat husbandry

I just finished two books about deliberately supporting our local economic infrastructures to save the environment, foster community and happiness and to live healthier. The books: Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology and Deep Economy point out how hard … Continue reading

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Climate change to impact hunting and fishing in Oregon

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, legislators are scared of hunters and anglers. Ask Oregon State Representative Ben Canon of District 46. “I am a politician and I am scared of sportsmen,” Canon said to an audience … Continue reading

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