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McCain onboard for cap and trade, so where is Gordon Smith?

Well folks, the Post-Bush era of climate change policy has begun in the U.S. Senator John McCain in a speech in Portland yesterday addressed global warming, vowing to set limits on green house gas emissions and to implement a carbon … Continue reading

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Bizarre number of Oregon blog comments deny climate change?

My life is currently mired in the climate change debate. I just finished Elizabeth Kolbert’s Field Notes from a Catastrophe. I spent the last week in Washington DC lobbying Oregonian members of congress on the issue. And I’ve been blogging … Continue reading

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Wyden versus Smith: The office aura

As many of you know, I spent this week in Washington DC with Oregonian legislators and I thought it might be interesting to contrast the offices of our Senators, Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith. Smith’s office is opulent, in an … Continue reading

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Gordon Smith snubs hunters and anglers on climate change

I’m in Washington DC this week, lobbying on behalf of the National Wildlife Federation on a sportsmen campaign to push global warming legislation. Overall, Oregon’s congressional representatives are very receptive to cap and trade Carbon Dioxide reduction plans, including the … Continue reading

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Earl Blumenauer takes on tax-breaks for gas hogs

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer introduced Legislation to repeal a $25,000 tax break for giant SUVs.  From the Gristmill: There used to be a tax break for businesspeople who bought any sort of car. Then in 1984, Congress changed the law … Continue reading

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