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Paul’s Halloween


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Klickitat River Writeup

Julian battling the beast. We tried like hell to go to bed early, but the beef was on top of us. We were both in pain, cold sweats. And the motel was haunted, the scene of a recent murder. Sometime … Continue reading

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Horror updates: The Keep and City of the Living Dead

Just finished reading The Keep, but F. Paul Wilson, and enjoyed it. I’ve seen his books all over Borders, and it the mass market paperbacks look like your run of the mill Stephen King knock-off, but Wilson is damn entertaining. … Continue reading

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Lord of Illusions: Fifteen years later, still cool

This was a weird movie that I liked a million years ago. Somehow it stuck with me as something to look up on Netflix. One of the few that’s not streaming. I don’t really get the point of it the … Continue reading

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