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Art Robinson: Lunatic for Congress

I’m changing my vote! Advertisements

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America’s Wilderness

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We’re fucked

These people are winning elections apparently. I’ll reiterate, Republicans are idiots. Anderson Cooper breaks it down for you. Since we’re on the subject of politics… Check out the latest column from David Brooks. Money is a talisman. It makes people … Continue reading

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Field & Stream fly fishing blog makes a bold move — Tackling Dick Cheney’s enviro record

Romano and Deeter at Field and Stream decided to write about the American Museum of Fly Fishing having Dick Cheney speak as a guest of honor, and linked to the Ted Williams’ write ups on the subject. While the idea … Continue reading

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Goodbye Bush, you huge piece of shit

I am so excited. I have to imagine this is how Bush feels:

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Upstream in Oregon election endorsements

Just a quick rundown of my take on the Oregon elections. On the national stage I have to endorse Obama and Merkley, no surprises there. I love this man: For Eugene Mayor — Kitty Piercy v. Jim Torrey? I’ll call … Continue reading

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