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Unimpressed with Steve Novick and his beer

Last weekend I attended a fund raiser for Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Steve Novick in Eugene. I saw an article in the Register-Guard saying that Novick is pro-beer, and I thought finally, a candidate I can support. I’d actually planned … Continue reading

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Q&A Cascadia Wildlands: Understanding the WOPR in Oregon

This week I finished up a Q&A with Cascadia Wildlands Project’s Conservation Director Josh Laughlin. It’s going to eventually be rolled up into an essay I’m working on about the WOPR. Who are the biggest supporters of the BLM’s Western … Continue reading

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Do winter steelhead exist?

Do winter steelhead exist? Semi-credible eye-witnesses (aka The Mule) say yes, though photo evidence remains elusive. Conspiracy nuts say these “winter steelhead” are a collective hysteria, a mass hallucination perpetuated by ODFW and the Oregon Tackle Shop Lobby. Like many … Continue reading

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Hiking BLM old growth stands in Western Oregon

It’s one thing to talk about Western Oregon old growth, but it’s another to hike in it. Last weekend seemed like an appropriate time to get out there onto BLM land, considering that the the agency just wrapped up the … Continue reading

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15 minutes of fame: Sportsmen slam the WOPR

This morning Karl and I drove out to the  Coast Range to meet intrepid KVAL reporter Meghan Kalkstein to discuss the BLM WOPR. For those of you in the dark, the BLM WOPR is either a lunatic plan by the … Continue reading

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What is the WOPR and what can you do to stop it?

Greed, political influence, shortsightedness and fear mongering are on the agenda for the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon. Big timber wants the last surviving stands of Oregon old growth and the bureaucratic systems that are supposed to manage our … Continue reading

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Tabling for trout at the Eugene Celebration

Last weekend I ran a table for Trout Unlimited 678 at the Eugene Celebration. We managed to sign up a bunch of new members thanks to some free trial memberships from Mike Beagle. It was also an excuse to take … Continue reading

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