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Murakami blowing my mind, and more links

Right now I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance and it’s really blowing my mind. The writing is absolutely beautiful — props to Alfred Birnbaum, the translator. I’m about half way into it. To oversimplify the plot so far, it’s … Continue reading

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What’s up? Chester update, Fly Fishing Stuff and books

So I’ve been holding my breath, trying not to talk about Chester until I was sure he was better. He is. Thanks to Karl One Mule Team and Lauren Brats. These two saved his life and my sanity by squirting … Continue reading

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Trout Fishing In America, and other books on the nightstand

I’m currently in a multi-read mode, slowly covering a few books simultaneously. On a year-old reccomendation from Guy, I’m finally reading Brautigan’s Trout Fishing In America. The wikipedia post offers an accurate description of the book: Novella length prose poem … Continue reading

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Reccomended Book: E.O. Wilson’s The Creation

Last week while I was in NY I read E.O. Wilson’s book The Creation.  Here are my favorite snippets: Nature dies hard. Even in the parking lot extremum, notice the resilient little weed that peeps from a crack in the … Continue reading

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New books: The Future of Nature, selected by Barry Lopez

The most important new book of 2008 so far is The Future of Nature, essays selected by Barry Lopez from Orion magazine. This book deals with the disconnect between man and nature [thanks to Alex and Amy who both sent … Continue reading

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Barry Lopez: Personal hero and Arctic badass

Oregonian, Barry Lopez, has pretty much eclipsed everybody else on my list as favorite writer. I just finished Arctic Dreams, winner of the 1986 National Book Award, last weekend, and its still percolating. Despite Lopez becoming my new favorite author, this … Continue reading

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Struggling to find a better morning routine

Yesterday I woke up early and decided to go hiking before work. My plan was to start up the hill in the early morning, get a little exercise and perspective to start the day. But the logistics of it didn’t work:  At … Continue reading

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