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Some CVNP photos


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CVNP, Jaite 7am

It’s a jungle – the humidity is visible. I stop at a bend in the river, brown and swollen with all the summer rain. The Cuyahoga has jumped its banks a few times this summer now, the ground is saturated. … Continue reading

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CVNP Swamp

White water lilies bloom, small pads that lay flat. The blooms close up at night. Purple and white clovers, crown vetch, fleabane and daisies all blooming. Garlic mustard sprouting up, a nasty invasive. In the swamp, we watch a redwing … Continue reading

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Early summer on the Beaver Marsh

Huge rain. Muddy trails. Bugs rising up out of the earth, tiny things that cling to my eyeballs, suck up into my nostrils. Spiny softshell turtles pile up on a far bank, couple hundred yards away from the trail. The … Continue reading

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Week by week on two watersheds: Rocky and Cuyahoga

Spring in Ohio continues, and I’m watching the progression of species closely for the first time in my life. Seeing when the Dogwood tree blooms drop off, noting which wildflowers come up when, seeing spawning fish in the rivers. It’ll … Continue reading

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