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Trout fishing in America: Almost forgot why I moved to Oregon in the first place

Over the last year or two, I’ve gotten snobby about my fishing, took it to this esoteric zen level where it’s only fun to chase big huge anadromous fish (that are biologically programmed NOT TO BITE) and pursue this ritualistic … Continue reading

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Cannonballing the trout

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Fly-tie-a-thon: Spring fly selection for the Willamette Valley

For the past few years The Mule has only fished with flies he ties himself. And he’s pretty smarmy about it; he likes to rub it in my face, especially when the only fly that works on the river is this lime … Continue reading

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November fly fishing on the Willamette rocks my socks off

It’s way late in the season for trout, but an unseasonably dry couple of weeks in Oregon has put a pause in the anadromous fish action on the coast. I figured the past few sunny days and +50 temperatures would be … Continue reading

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Angel of death rears its ugly head on the McKenzie River

Judge, jury and executioner — Karl “The Mule” descended on the McKenzie River last weekend to slay the holdover rainbow trout eeking out the last of their dark, TroutChow-craving days before winter. In a flurry of ping-pong ball sized October Caddis, … Continue reading

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