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Stream of consciousness experiment attempts to recover originality

I’ve decided to sit down every day and jot stream of consciousness for 15-30 minutes with no discernable goal, in a notepad. I guess the idea is to jar loose some new ideas, original thoughts. I spend so much of … Continue reading

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Top reasons Astoria is my new favorite Oregon Coast town

We spent last weekend in Astoria, Oregon for the Fisher Poets gathering and got to know the town a little better. The place is currently my favorite Oregon Coast town for a variety of reasons: Number One: The city is … Continue reading

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Struggling to find a better morning routine

Yesterday I woke up early and decided to go hiking before work. My plan was to start up the hill in the early morning, get a little exercise and perspective to start the day. But the logistics of it didn’t work:  At … Continue reading

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Terry Tempest Williams on writing

I’m currently reading Writing Naturally by David Petersen, and while I’m not crazy about his style, I am getting a lot out of the book. One of the things I found was a selection of a graduate school paper by … Continue reading

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