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I’m Matt Stansberry, an Akron, Ohio-based technology analyst with a fly fishing problem. This is my personal blog — which used to be about my life in Eugene, Oregon — family photos, fishing, hiking, environmental issues, etc., but is now primarily a place where I jot down stuff about Ohio — where I currently live and where I grew up but didn’t pay attention to anything but alcohol, guitars and women at the time. I’m also working on a Great Lakes Fly Fishing Blog — check it out.

Please bookmark me and thanks for reading. -Matt Stansberry


13 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Great work Matt. The switch feels nice, yes? TMF

  2. Kate Evans-Correia says:

    Hey Matt: It’s a Friday night and I’m on Facebook (what a loser I am, heh?) and saw your new blog site and clicked. Glad I did. Your coverage of the data center always thrills me of course but, this stuff is a great read and your pictures are fabulous. I think Rick would really be interested in the fly fishing commentary. I’m anxious to hear how the rest of the trip goes and look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Bpaul says:

    Howdy there, frequent reader here. I wanted to point you to a quick post I put up about Whitefish on the Crooked River. I am tired enough I couldn’t find an email link for you on the site so I am posting it here. I think you will agree with my thinking in the post:




  4. Nice site! I enjoy reading your thoughtful posts about fishing and your insightful commentary about society in general. I also thought that your recent trip to remove barbed wire was a great thing to do. Also, congratulations on your engagement! Check out my site if you get a chance, http://web.mac.com/sierratrout

    Ignacio Maldonado

  5. Sam Burton says:

    Hi Matt,
    I work with Travel Oregon, the state’s tourism commission, and as a fellow resident of Oregon, we need your help.

    Travel Oregon has recently launched http://www.GoSeeOregon.com, a new social networking platform that blends elements of TripAdvisor with CitySearch. This site allows visitors to read hotel and restaurant reviews, scope out attractions, and plan their trip from start to finish.

    Here’s where you come in. We scoured the Oregon blogosphere for experts in a variety of industries, and we’d love your help adding places and reviews (“tips”) about fishing and hunting to GoSeeOregon. In return for adding at least 2 new places, we’ll link to your site from a new Resources page we’re developing. Travel Oregon is consistently promoting GoSeeOregon to media and consumers alike, so we are hopeful the site’s visibility and traffic will boost your own.

    Interested? Just create a minimum of 2 new places in GoSeeOregon, then send me the links to those places and your Web site and log-in name and we’ll post your site on our resources page. Thanks, and let me know if you have questions!

    Sam Burton
    Maxwell PR for Travel Oregon

  6. AnglerNorth says:


    I recently found your site and I really enjoy the photos you take. Keep up the good work!


  7. Ronan says:

    Hey Matt, I love the blog. I’m moving to Oregon in the summer and am looking forward to doing a little fishing once I get there. At present I live beside Lough Melvin in Ireland, check it out for some exclusive fishing. Keep up the good work! Ronan

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  9. I have to say that this is an amazing blog!!!! Congratulations! Love the picture of the scenery of USA and the pictures of all the diferent animals.

    I enjoyed pretty much your blog.

    Regards from Argentina.

  10. Hey there! Got any advice for someone interested in moving to Eugene?

    Love your photos, by the way!

  11. nonewhere says:


    Just found your blog and bookmarking it. I have a fly-fishing problem as well. Moving to Eugene after spending my entire life on the East Coast. Looking forward to Oregon. Love your conservation passion. It makes you a well connected fly fisher.

  12. Rick Whittington says:

    Is this the same Dave Wilson who lived in Santa Maria Ca. He tied beautiful flies on ivory hooks he carved himself.

  13. David Griffin says:

    Hi Matt
    I stumbled onto your article about Eastern Massasauga in northeast Ohio and really enjoyed it. I grew up on the edge of Hudson/Twinsburg in the early 1970s-1980s and spent a huge amount of time in the woods, old fields, creeks and wetlands that were still there (it’s all a giant neighborhood now). A friend and I built a log cabin in the woods that no one found for years. I wandered all over those 1000s of acres in all seasons tracking wildlife, camping, and watching nature. I also used to wander down in the Cuyahoga Valley in what is now all part of the CVNP. In all my wandering and observing I never saw a rattlesnake though I knew all about them. Once I figured out what I wanted to do, I went to Oregon to study wildlife science (at OSU) and through time, wound up in the desert southwest, where I’ve been for over 20 years. I lived and worked in NM for 12 years and Massasaugas in the southcentral part of the state are ultra rare (a herpetologist friend of mine found less than 5 in his 25 years at WSMR) – I never saw one. I get back to Ohio 1-2 times a year to see family and I always set aside a “Dave Day” so I can go get out and enjoy the amazing places that area still there hanging on (Geauga & Lake counties have a lot to offer!). Maybe next time I’ll get out to a wet meadow and keep my eyes peeled for a massasauaga. I always thought I would enjoy moving back to NE Ohio and practice my “trade”, but over the years I think I enjoy the experience of returning and enjoying it on my own terms. Keep up the good stuff and Thanks!

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