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From Iron John

Reading a great book by Robert Bly. When the father, absent during the day, returns home at six, his children receive only his temperament, not his teaching. The fragmentation of decision making in corporate life, the massive effort that produces … Continue reading

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One day I’ll live in Manzanita

But until then, I’ll just visit with the rest of the Northwest Yuppies. Mom and Dad came out last week for an extended Paul-a-Thon, and we ran around on the beach, caught big salmon, and drank at the Dune. A … Continue reading

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Hate Theory Air Guitar

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The case for sun block

Malignant melanoma is a real party. My shoulder is laced up like a football. The doc lopped off a five inch section of flesh for a dime sized mole. I can see how this stuff kills people. Four or five … Continue reading

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Alcohol destroys my will to blog

Somehow, last week at a conference I managed to get into about a bottle of free Chivas Regal. Very poor decision making indeed. There are a number of people out in my work realm who know me, and probably know … Continue reading

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Meowing into the mouth of madness

The scene last night at 2am: Me and three other dudes at the bar at the Hooters Casino, full of free whiskey, meowing in four-part harmony all the way through Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of our lungs. We … Continue reading

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US Guys: Chuck LeDuff is better than you’d think

I picked up Charlie LeDuff’s book at the library this week, US Guys, a book about American Dudeness and I’m impressed. I saw this guy on Colbert and thought he was a chode. The three books I’d gone to the … Continue reading

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