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New Crater Lake Pics

Yeah… I’m playing around a little w/ levels in iPhoto. Advertisements

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Central Oregon photo essay wrap-up

I could spend the rest of the week yapping about the Central Oregon roadtrip, but instead I’m just putting up a photo essay wrap-up. Saturday night we stayed in the Shaniko Hotel in Shaniko, Oregon.¬†Shaniko is a renovated¬†ghost town with … Continue reading

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Derrick Cave hike, aka. Skimming Bill Sullivan nearly strands us in the desert

During the Central Oregon Roadtrip, KP and I headed to the Fort Rock, Oregon area. According to Bill Sullivan, there are several “mysteries” nearby, including lava tube caves, a wandering forest of Ponderosa Pines and a giant crack in the … Continue reading

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Fort Rock, Oregon — Central Oregon Roadtrip Part 1

We spent the last two days on a Central Oregon roadtrip, chasing geology. The first stop was Fort Rock, Oregon— where a bizarre formation juts out of the Lake County desert, southeast of LaPine, Oregon. Fort Rock was once an … Continue reading

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