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Freeing the Calapooia

Freeing the Calapooia from Freshwaters Illustrated on Vimeo. Advertisements

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Pulling out of the Portland Station, Amtrak Cascades

RAILS THROUGH PORTLAND Rustling open the white plastic circus tents, horses huddle under blankets, paw under bridges. A bearded man sleeps with his bruised face pressed to the stones along the tracks, hugging an old green coat. Steel moves against … Continue reading

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Paulie’s second hike (Willamette-Ankeny Wildlife Refuge) plus Captain Nate

Took Stinky P out into the swampy underbelly of the true Willamette flood plain (which used to stretch for miles and miles between the Cascades and Coast Range). The standing water, Oregon Ash, and grassland were really cool to see. … Continue reading

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Trout Unlimited Willamette Stream Restoration

Last weekend, Trout Unlimited and Metro Planning members collaborated with the larger Eugene Stream TeamWhilamut Natural Area project to replant a section of bank on the Willamette to offer shade, buffer surface pollutants, and stop erosion of the banks.  Last summer, … Continue reading

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Digital SLR cameras and catch and release don’t get along

Tonight I went out with KP to a remote spot on the Willamette in order to shoot some photos and try to catch some trout that I’d heard were coming up from a certain reservoir and into the stream. I brought … Continue reading

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Big Willamette planter in Alton Baker

First pig of the year out of my Alton Baker hole. About 12 inches, jumped out of the water a foot. Me and Wild Bill were chasing trout tonight. Fell in. Caught a nice one. No steelhead on the fly … Continue reading

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Late night trout bite on the Willamette River

Last night, Karl and I hit the Willamette around Oakridge, looking for an evening hatch. We’d been at the confluence of Salt Creek and the Middle Fork of the Willamette River, checking on the USFS bull trout monitoring system. TU … Continue reading

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